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4 Andrew Tate Quotes On People Who Don’t Drink Alcohol (Updated 2023)

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Andrew Tate Crazy Quotes

Every time I meet one of these people who has fun without drinking, I think ‘f*cking hell, I need to hang around with this person.’ This person has fun without drinking. They’re permanently drunk. They must be hyper in their minds.

This person must be amazing. But instead of being amazing… They’re just boring f*cks who don’t know what fun is.”

“You can say, ‘my life is less fun, but I still don’t drink alcohol.’ That’s fine, I accept that. But to sit there and say, ‘Oh, I don’t need to drink, I have fun without drinking.’ Then you’re a f*cking liar.

They must be supercharged. And they’re permanently ready to do some f*cking crazy adventure and wake up the next day in another country with no clothes on.


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