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3 Andrew Tate Quotes about Veganism and Vegetarianism (Updated 2023)

Crazy Andrew is back lol, Andrew Tate Quotes about Veganism and Vegetarianism.
Enjoy reading an amazing collection of crazy quotes by Andrew Tate.


These quotes were collected from his sayings in videos on social media.

Note: These quotes and opinions are from Andrew Tate.
I do not endorse or promote them (take it as a resource only).


Andrew Tate crazy Quotes about Veganism and Vegetarianism

“When you’re saying ‘I’m a vegetarian or a vegan’, you’re saying ‘I deny reality, I deny one of the most basic fundamentals of reality’ which is for something to live, something else must die.”

“Why am I supposed to feel guilty for destroying an animal so that I can grow when every single thing that’s ever existed ever has destroyed something else to grow. What, I’m going to come along and be Mr. Nice Guy and I’m gonna undo the laws of the universe.

You think because you sit there and eat tofu that you’re somehow changing the basic universal constants of the reality we exist within. You’re not changing sh*t. You’re a dork.”


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